Evaluate The Role Of Work In Social Work

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The purpose of this document is to evaluate my practice and to reflect on a case I worked on throughout my 17week placement. My time on placement was divided between two centres that are managed as part of the trust operations and located within the mental health and disability division. Being placed in the two centres gave me the opportunity to work with a range of different disabilities. W Day centre caters for adults who have complex needs with behavioural issues where as the L day centre is for those with moderate to mild learning disabilities. “The model of day-care provision is facilitated by a partnership approach that includes other disciplines and agencies contributing to an integrated team provision…. “(Day care service for adults with a learning disability: 6:2012). Both centres provide “statutory day care and are registered under article 8 (1) of the Health and Personal Social Services (Quality improvement and Regulation) (Northern Ireland) order 2003.” ….. (Day care service for adults with a learning disability: 5:2012). The role of social work within a day centre is to work as part of multidisciplinary team by providing a service that is in line with the statutory requirements and departmental priorities. The role of a social worker on a disability team is to carry out risk assessment, comprehensive assessment, care plans, advocacy such as making referrals to agencies on behalf of the service user and promoting their independence by providing them with the support and guidance they may need to lead as normal life as possible. During my time in placement I got the opportunity to take part in fun activities with the service users which enabled me to build relationships with each of them and also developed my commu... ... middle of paper ... ...on and the service that was provided for her son. I am confident that I demonstrated good practice throughout my work with Mr X and worked in an anti-oppressive manner, all decisions that were made on behalf of Mr x were at his best interest. Mrs X mother thanked me for the work that I had completed with him and said she was happy that he was content within the new centre. It is evident that I had acquired knowledge of Mr x assessed needs, his communication skills, level of understanding and his ability to interact with others. I feel that in preparation for intervention I have gained knowledge of the social work role as commissioner and the requirements of assessment, care planning and review under the R.Q.IA minimum standards for day-care I have a greater awareness of the full range of day care standards and the legal responsibility as a registered service.

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