Bigfoot Essay

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Bigfoot also known as Sasquatch is a large, hairy, muscular, ape-like creature that somewhat looks like a human being.
While the idea of a real Bigfoot is pretty unconvincing, the stories have caught on. It’s unlikely the idea of Bigfoot will fade any time soon. Even though there is not plenty of evidence for Bigfoot’s existence It’s just a matter of time when they decide to show themselves to the people, that’s why I’ll be preparing you for when that time comes by describing to you their traits, how this creature first got started, and many type sightings.

Bigfoot legends usually describe the human like creature roughly between 6 to 9 feet tall, covered in either black, brown, reddish, or grey hair, they’re very strong, barbaric, foul-smelling,
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Bigfoot was first introduce to the world when the first ever sighting was apparently by a white man that came in 1811 near the town of Jasper, Alberta Canada where he found footprints in the snow. Bigfoot as been mentioned in many Native American legends before this sighting. Sasquatch stories are found among the Indian tribes in Northwest coastal. In some stories the creature may have been able to turn invisible due to its very little supernatural powers. The stories from Native American tribes are similar to other peoples stories except the creatures diet and activities. In some stories children were warned not to say the creatures name because the people believed the monster would hear his name and come and carry the person off. Other tribes had a different perspective of this hairy creature. Some believed that they were shy and would even take stuff that wouldn't belong to them such as a human wife, but they never did harm anyone. They also believed that the creature would help a person in need. In some tribes Bigfoot was considered a…show more content…
For more than 400 years people have reported seeing large, hair-covered, man-like animals in the wilderness.Misidentification, hoax, or the real thing these sightings still continue today. In 2007 the Bigfoot Field Researches Organization or the BFRO put some photos out were they thought was a juvenile Bigfoot, others thought the photos were a bear with mange, and other people thought the creature was a chimpanzee. Many misidentifications happen and many hoax also happen to. Hoaxes happen many times, in July 2008 these two guys posted a video on youtube claiming they had discovered a dead Bigfoot in a forest. An investigator was called to investigate the body and the two guys received $50,000 as a reward. Soon after a meeting the dead Bigfoot body was delivered in a block of ice. When the body was thawed out they found out that the whole Bigfoot was fake. The two admitted that it was a hoax. Now if you try pulling one of the hoax remember that it could be dangerous. In August 2012 a man in Montana was pretending to be a Bigfoot using a suit and got hit by a
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