Essay On Upward Social Mobility

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1785 words

The majority of Americans, regardless of social class, expect the nation's colleges and universities to uphold the goal of upward social mobility. Many believe that these higher educational institutions should encourage anyone with ability and motivation to succeed. Though there are many factors that affect social mobility, such as the various opportunities that arise in terms of moving within different social classes in the United States; the pursuit of education has become a primary means of achieving upward social mobility (Reeves 2014). As the income gap continues to expand between the upper and lower classes, accessibility and success in higher education is becoming a distant dream for most. Numerous prestigious colleges and universities …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that americans, regardless of social class, expect the nation's colleges and universities to uphold the goal of upward social mobility.
  • Argues that education is a crucial overruling link between the social background of individuals and this may reinforce social inequalities and reduce social mobility in various communities.
  • Analyzes how the u.s. education system fails in leveling the opportunities between students from high- and low-income families.
  • Analyzes how social policies could have attributed to the social and educational inequality between these two communities and communities around the nation.
  • Explains that their parents, who were immigrants from central america and had little to no education, were able to provide a vast amount of opportunities for their brother and i.
  • Explains that their parents were fortunate enough to enroll them in a private catholic elementary school in middle-class el cerrito, called st. john the baptist, which enriched them with social capital of the middle class.
  • Explains that they attended a community college after high school due to the lack of financial aid and economical resources, which would have allowed them to go to state or uc university.
  • Opines that education is a necessary key in attaining upward social mobility.

Although I attended a community college after high school I do believe attending a private school outside of Richmond provided me with the necessary “middle-class cultural capital”: general knowledge, tastes and dispositions as well as the skills which are passed on from one generation to the next (Bourdieu 1996:13) that helped me succeed. Community college served several important functions in my postsecondary education. Community college provided a key access point to higher education for nonwhite and Latino students. Emile Durkheim noted, “That accessible public education would be the first step that allows for equality of opportunity in society” (Kelsey, 9/02/15). The primary social mobility role of community colleges lies in its affordable tuition and their ability to raise college transfer eligibility into 4 year colleges. As stated by Claude Fischer, “The expansion of higher education increased equality of opportunity” (Fischer et al.:793). Community college leveled the playing field for me in my attempt at applying to the University of California, Berkeley and allowed me to save up enough money to pay for my last two years of tuition, something that was almost impossible coming straight out of high

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