Sacrificial Role Of Women In A Doll's House

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In the play A Doll’s House, Nora 's sacrificial role as a women is considered to be more like a housewife. Her husband Helmer only gives her so much money each week to spend on money and other necessities. Throughout the play Nora is being blackmailed by Krogstad because instead of her father signing for the loan she did. Women back then were not allowed to take out loans only men. Women during the time of the play A Doll’s House, were treated very differently they did not have the same rights as men and were constantly having to make their husbands happy. This is a little similar today, but a lot has changed since then. Women now are more independent and have more freedom to do as they please. In the play A Doll’s House Helmer feels like…show more content…
Helmer thinks of his wife Nora of being merely a doll to him. In Act I of the play, A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen, Helmer uters, “ My little songbird must never do that again. A songbird needs a clean beak to warble with” (1468). Helmer is basically being forward in suggesting that Nora must always be honorable and honest with him. Women in today 's society are supposed to be honest with their husbands, but there husbands do not talk to their wives like that. Anytime Nora wants to cheer Helmer up by bringing up her dress. Nora brings forth the comment to Helmer, “You know, it’s going to be quite attractive” (Ibsen 1470). When Nora vocalizes about her dress Helmer quickly becomes cheerful and focuses all his attention towards her and the joy it brings him to think of her looks and delightful appearance. In today 's society women get a guy 's attention not only on what they wear, but also how they present themselves both inwardly and outwardly, with more of what is on the inside rather than solely seen on the exterior. Women are all the time changing their hair and makeup not only to perhaps catch the attention of others, but as an expression of who they are as a person first and
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