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The death of Edgar Allan Poe is a mystery to the public. Many people have theorized about his death, but no theory is as interesting as The Raven. The Raven is a movie directed by James McTeigue, starring John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe. It is about the last few days of Poe’s life, where a killer copies Poe’s stories in his murders. Poe is then recruited by Detective Emmett Fields to help solve these murders, all the while trying to save Emily Hamilton, Poe’s fiancé. This movie is a very interesting take on what happened on the Edgar Allan Poe’s mysterious last days. The movie was amazing the characters, design choices created The plot, while it is interesting, is unrealistic in the sense that history would know about these murders. It is …show more content…

The three main actors were John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe, Luke Evans as Detective Emmett Fields, and Alice Eve as Emily Hamilton. Each character was developed in their own way, even with a stereotype dictating many of their actions. Emily Hamilton, for example, acts like a lady, yet she also runs off to meet with Poe. A viewer might expect her to be the typical damsel in distress, but she does break herself out of the first coffin she’s in. While she does get caught and put back, she didn’t give up until she was forced to. Another example is Poe himself. He acts like how his stories, his life, and history portray him. John Cusack portrayed him perfectly, showing every emotion Poe felt in a scene, no matter how complex. To make these characters more believable the set and costumes had to designed perfectly, and they were. The design choices fit well with the timeframe. From the buildings to the costumes everything looked like it was in the Baltimore Poe knew. Poe’s house looked like the house of a writer, and the detective’s office looked like he has been through many cases. Everything on this set felt

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