Essay On The Hydrosphere

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The Processes in the Hydrosphere The hydrosphere contains all the Earth’s water found in the atmosphere, oceans, lakes, streams, and groundwater. The Earth became cool enough for liquids to form early in the planet’s history. A lot of people make dams, reservoirs, and levees to try to hold, move water which pollutes and damages ecosystems and kills wildlife. Water is everywhere under the ground, but you can only use it if it is being contained in an aquifer. Surface water pollution is a major issue in the United States and elsewhere around the world. The hydrosphere is all of the waters on the earth’s surface, such as lakes and seas, sometimes including water over the earth’s surface, such as clouds. Surface water is the water that is on the surface of the Earth. Surface water can be lost by evaporation, seepage when it seeps underground and becomes groundwater, and it can be used by plants for transpiration. Freshwater on land takes the form of solid ice in glaciers and ice caps and is a liquid in streams, oceans, rivers, and underground and is a gas, such as water vapor. Wetlands are poorly drained regions that are covered with fresh or saline water all or part of the time. They contain many distinctive ecosystems, as do streams and lakes, they are areas links between…show more content…
The material must have cracks or holes. Water permeates the soil and rock to enter aquifer. The water table is the level in an aquifer above which its pores are filled with air and below which they are filled with water. Groundwater is a reliable source of water, year-round water source. Point source pollution are easy to find where they started. Nonpoint source pollution is hard to find where it came from. Oil spills are a non point source of pollution because it’s hard to find where the oil was first spilled at. Runoff is a type of pollution, the water runs across roofs and other objects and collects chemicals and
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