Essay On The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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I. People from the past until people currently living now want one thing; the American Dream. The American Dream remains ideal for every family or person who wants to achieve maximum potential in life. Each American Dream can stand different to each family whether or not they want to achieve certain things. A study of this novel will show that in the 20’s, the American Dream had changed from an all-American need to mainly greed, materialism and indulgence as evidenced by the main characters: Gatsby, Daisy, and Tom. A. The Great Gatsby, written in 1925, remains as F. Scott Fitzgerald’s greatest novel. The novel emphases a young man, Jay Gatsby, who falls in love with a woman from the social upper class and makes an ideal amount of money in an determination to seize her attention. She marries a different man from her own social class and that man dies discouraged with the idea of a self-made man. Fitzgerald claims that the idea of social movement in America remains as an illusion. 1. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald existed as a Jazz Age novelist and writer who stood as one of the greatest writers of his time. He became present on September 24, 1896, he resisted as the only son of a working class family. As a result of a contrast from generations before, he stood extremely unsure about the idea of the American dream: for him, the idea became at once ill-mannered and trustworthy. II. Characters A. Nick Carraway - The novels narrator, a non-judgmental, straightforward, and tolerant young man who came from Minnesota, moves to New York to learn the business of bonds. Nick’s moral sense helps to set him apart from the other characters. He exceeds with a sense of personal integrity, a sense of right and wrong. He lives in West Egg, Bula... ... middle of paper ... ... the less wealthy in town. Acquiring such a car as a Rolls Royce, as Gatsby has means that through hard work he has achieved his goals. E. The Use of Color .Fitzgerald uses colors to show emotion or irony in Gatsby. The use of color in the Great Gatsby stands as one of the most important techniques used in this book to show different themes. Fitzgerald uses five main colors: white, yellow, blue, green and grey. These colors represent wealth, innocence, struggle in life and dreams. Bula 5 V. Conclusion In my opinion, the novel should remain as one of America’s greatest. Part of what makes Fitzgerald's novel a desired piece stands as the way he can examine the society of which he remained also a part. Through his characters, he not only captures a look into middle- and upper-class American life in the 1920s, but also shows a series of criticisms as well.
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