Essay On Teen Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy: Is It Worth The Risks? Teen pregnancy is no little problem! The numbers of teen pregnancies has begun to grow and is beginning to become a fairly large problem. Teen pregnancy is a situation that changes the lives of teens, teen’s parents, and families for the rest of the teen’s life. Teens do not fully understand the risks of intercourse and the amount that lives of teens will change after having children. To lower the percentage of teen pregnancies, society must encourage parental involvement, education, and available health programs.
Teen pregnancy in our society has started to become a normal occurrence. It has been stated that “[t]een pregnancy is rated at 11% of all cases of childbirth in the world. Statistics show that
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Most importantly, the ability for a parent to have knowledge of their teen is a huge advantage. For example, parents of teens need to explain the dangers of sex and what sex is. Statistics also say, “The risk for teens that are sexually active to become pregnant is within the first year of being sexually active.”("Teenage Pregnancy Facts You Should Know"). Secondly, parents need to express the consequences of teens becoming pregnant. Parents of teens need to have an understanding with the teen that there are major consequences for becoming pregnant. Parents also need to enforce safe sex. Parents need to let the teen know that if the teenager is to have sex then it needs to be safe. Another way for teens to stay safe is for parents to describe abstinence. Abstinence is the safest way to make sure teens do not become pregnant early in life. Parental involvement and support from parents can in some cases make a great impact on the lives of teens and the teen’s life choices. To refute, the greater percentage of teen pregnancies come from teens without “on site”…show more content…
Education is a crucial part in the choices teens make. Between the ages of puberty and young adulthood, teens need to be taught proper knowledge on situations that could make a huge impact on the teen’s life. For example, teens not having knowledge of the risks of sex and how becoming pregnant could change a teen are why many teens become pregnant in their early life. Teens need to be taught before they go out into the world that bad things can happen if teens are not prepared. Another risk teens also need to be informed of is the dangers not only to themselves but for the baby as well. Babies born from teen pregnancies are more likely to have a low birth weight and are more likely to be born prematurely. To refute, some people believe that teens will learn as they go what the risks are and that teens should not be taught the risks any earlier than when they will learn
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