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In the digital age, reading skills enhance students’ abilities in so many areas such as students’ independence of teachers and parents; they also allow students to participate independently in social life practices including reading newspapers and posters. Reading may help students broaden tastes and understanding of others. It makes their life meaningful, significant and interesting. In the global information-based society, English reading comprehension has become essential for sharing in ideas with others and obtaining up-to-date information in all fields of life. 90% of all information in the world's electronic retrieval systems is stored in English (Hasman, 2000). Moreover, Grabe and Stoller (2002) argued that reading is a vital academic language skill for foreign language learners. In academic settings, reading is considered to be the central way for learning new knowledge and obtaining access to alternative explanations and interpretations. Carell, Devine, and Eskey (1998) pointed out that in the EFL setting, reading might represent an important approach to learn English since most students might not really need to talk or listen to speakers of this language, but they do need to be skilled readers for many reasons. Likewise, Sofsian (2006) argued that reading helps students keep in touch with modern writers and makes them sensible to universal issues. Hence, Blake (2010) mentioned that reading comprehension is a paramount key to the world. In the reading comprehension domain, there seems abundant evidence that reading strategies improve literal, inferential and critical comprehension (Palincsar and Brown, 1984; Bereiter and Bird, 1985; King and Rosenshine, 1993; Ozgungor and Guthrie, 2004; Fuchs and Fuchs, 20... ... middle of paper ... ...ue to become more thoroughly integrated into the education system. There are many advantages of using technology-based instruction in schools such as offering more classes to students and making learning more adjustable in order to meet students' individual needs. Nowadays, though there is still lack of the data being collected on the success of technology-based instruction, many schools will invest technology-based instruction in developing both teachers' training courses and students' classes. The development in learning environment influences the student-teacher relationship, which becomes a many-sided interaction among students, online materials, the vast community of the World Wide Web users, and teachers as facilitators. Therefore this study attempted to examine the effect of technology-based reading strategy instruction on EFL students' reading comprehension.

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