Essay On Rain Pollution

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The objectives of the research are to control acid rain pollution and to protect the ecological environment, it is important to document acid rain patterns in various areas of China[8] and The effect of rain intensity on ion scavenging[9]. In China acid rain is a major regional-scale environmental problem. Taking Liaoning Province as the study area, the present work fixated on the spatial and temporal variations of acid rains in northeastern China. It presents a means for anticipate the occurrence of acid rain using geographic position, terrain characteristics, regularly monitored meteorological factors and column concentrations of atmospheric SO2 and NO2. The analysis applies agreement tree approach to the preceding observation data. Results revealed that: (1) acid rain occurred at 17 stations among the 81 monitoring stations which is in Liaoning Province, with the frequency of acid rain from 0 to 84.38%; (2) summer had the most acid rain occurrences pursued by spring and autumn, and also the winter that had the least; (3) the total accuracy for the simulation of precipitation pH (p...
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