Essay On Police Misconduct

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Police misconduct. Police corruption. Police brutality. Who doesn’t remember the Rodney King case or the Abner Louima case? It does happen; it happens everywhere as a matter of fact; on the streets, in your very own home, and even in correctional facilities. It is one of the most controversial topics when it makes its way to the Internet or when it makes the morning or evening news. Misconduct of an officer can be defined as “the violation of state and federal laws or the violation of individual’s constitutional rights by police officers.” Also included in the definition was that police commit crimes for personal gain. I thought, how can misconduct happen for personal gain? How is this beneficial to any officer? Then I recalled the terms corruption and slippery slope. What officer doesn’t want to be a local hero or an increase in pay for doing the job solo? Police misconduct comes in approximately four forms, which include police crime, abuse of authority, occupational crime and corruption. This day and age police officers go to great lengths to protect their secrets. F...

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