Essay On Oil Spills

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Today in 2014, we have plenty of issues from environmental to social. The problem has not done anything but progress to become worse. We can only fix the problems one by one. Oil spills are one of the most important issues that need to be resolved. If oil spills continue to occur, then eventually all of the animals will die, their habitat will be ruined and our planet will look like a sewerage. Tanks, canal boats, pipelines, oil refineries, and storage facilities are some of the items that cause oil spills. Tanks are types of transportation that carry liquid including petroleum or oil. Oil refineries are processing plants where crude oil is processed. Careless mistakes, weak equipment, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks can induce oil spillage. About 14,000 oil spills happen each year (“Response to Oil Spills”). Ever since August 16, 1,034 sea turtles has been found, but 527 of them were dead (“Oil Spill’s Effects on Wildlife”). Five dolphins out of seventy-seven were found alive (“Oil Spill’s Effects on Wildlife”). As of birds, 1,924 of them were alive out of 6,143 (Oil Spill’...
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