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Brendan Kealy
Mr. Chesbro
18 April 2014
American Literature

More Money, More Problems
In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s three works The Great Gatsby, The Rich Boy, and The Offshore Pirate, money is a recurring theme. In The Great Gatsby, Jay uses his money to try and impress a girl. In The Rich Boy, Anson does not believe the rules apply to him because he is rich. In The Offshore Pirate, Ardita’s yacht is taken over by pirates because of her families money. In all three stories, money changed the characters lives in a bad way because of the way that they thought money made them more powerful.
The Great Gatsby is a story about Jay Gatsby. He was a very rich man, living in a mansion, throwing huge parties, and driving a Rolls Royce. As the story progresses, you find out that Jay has not always been rich. Before he was rich, Jay met a girl named Daisy. They fell in love with each other but Daisy did not want to marry him because he was not rich. Jay goes off to serve in the war and when he came back, Daisy was married to a rich man. Gatsby decides to get rich to get Daisy. He becomes a bootlegger and illegally gets very rich. He buys a mansion across the Long Island Sound from Daisy. He thought that she would leave her husband, Tom, because he was rich. Daisy stays with Tom because they have a child together and have been married for a few years.
The Rich Boy is a short story about a man named Anson. Anson was born into money and has always thought he was superior to everyone else. He thought that the rules did not apply to him because he was rich. Even though he was in his twenties, he never matured enough to act like an adult. He found the girl of his dreams, Paula, and she loved him. Anson was not mature enough to settle down and...

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The Great Gatsby uses the themes of money and love by making Jay get rich to win Daisy’s love. Jay Gatsby makes all of his money because Daisy told him she would not marry him because he was not rich. Jay drastically changed his life just to be with Daisy. He loved her so much that he even let her use him as a scapegoat for killing someone. He was murdered because Daisy let him take the blame. Daisy did not even respect him enough to show up to his funeral.
The similarities between The Great Gatsby and The Offshore Pirate are the lies used with the people that they love. Ardita is deceived by Toby and her uncle. She had thought her yacht was taken over by pirates. In truth, the pirate’s captain was Toby going by the name Carlyle. Her uncle had wanted her to like him and not make it seem like he forced it. This deception worked out well for the both of them.
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