Gatsby and Daisy

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In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby was born into a life of poverty and as he grew up he became more aware of the possibility of a better life. He created fantasies that he was too good for his modest life and that his parents weren’t his own. When he met Daisy, a pretty upper class girl, his life revolved around her and he became obsessed with her carefree lifestyle. Gatsby’s desire to become good enough for Daisy and her parents is what motivates him to become a wealthy, immoral person who is perceived as being sophisticated.

Society won’t let Gatsby and Daisy be together when they fall in love because Daisy comes from a family of old wealth, while Gatsby is the son of peasants. “For over a year,” as a young man, “he had been beating his way along Lake Superior as a clam digger and a salmon fisher or in any other capacity that brought him food or bed,” (98) before meeting Dan Cody and getting his first taste of real wealth. When Gatsby meets Daisy he sees the same carefree lifestyle of Dan Cody that only the rich can achieve and is soon seduced by it. Daisy comes...

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