Essay On Marxism In Animal Farm

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George Orwell's Animal Farm is an allegorical and dystopian novel that reflects upon the Russian Revolution. In Animal Farm, than animals in Manor Farm rebel against their irresponsible and cruel leader farmer Jones and overthrow him out of the farm. Afterwards the animals try to make a government in which "all animals are equal"(18), which is the concept of "Animalism". But this fails, and it ends up going back where only one class prospers and the others suffer; pigs ruling and living off no work and getting "fat" (87), while the rest of the animals works without barely eating anything. This all parallels the Russian Revolution, the peasants cause an uprising and overthrow tsar Nicholas II, and Communism is created. But then Stalin takes over and it goes back to how it was, arguably worse. "In George Orwell's Animal Farm, Old Major's speech and the song "Beasts of England" paint a picture of a Marxist Utopia because both discuss the misuse of power by leaders, state that everybody should be equal, and call for rebellion"
To begin with, Old Major's speech and the song "Beasts of England" represent a Marxist utopia because both discuss the evil nature of power and how the leaders abuse their people. Old Major begins his speech stating how " the nature of [the animals' lives] are miserable, laborious, and short" (5), and then he goes on the explain the "miserable conditions" (6) that the animals are living in. Old Major does this to lead up to conclude that "the root cause of hunger and overwork" is "Man" (6). He goes on to say that the animals "produce"(6) all the work and food, while man does nothing but "[steal]" the "produce" of the animals , yet he is still "lord of all of the animals" (6). In "Beasts of England" it uses wo...

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...s" and "all animals are comrades" (7). In "Beasts of England" it shows how all the animals are equal and all in this together by saying " cows and horses, geese and turkeys" (10). By placing all these animals together it is creating a sense of unity and togetherness. Old Major throughout his speech uses the word "comrades" (5), by using this word he is making all the animals equal to each other, they are all "comrades" (5), no one higher than the other. Old Major also says that "weak or strong, clever or simple, we animals are all brothers", painting the idea that no matter what capability the animals have they will be accepted and they will not be persecuted because of it. This runs hand in hand with when Karl Marx states that "when all are equal there would be no ruler over anyone since ownership of everything would be mutual of all the people in that society"