Essay On Karl Popper

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Karl Popper is known for being one of the most influential philosophers of science. Karl Popper, like many others, used a logical analysis of arguments to explain how science truly works. With his theory of falsification, Popper explains how scientific theories can never be proven, but can be falsified (Doria, 2009; Grant, 2005; Kurz, 1996; Shareef, 2007; Ter Hark, 2004) Specifically, Popper gives reason as to why science does not progress by proving theories right, but by discarding old theories as wrong. The idea that multiple observations cannot prove a theory to be correct, as the next observation can contradict them, is what made Popper question how valid a theory could possibly be (Doria, 2009). But what about modifying a hypothesis? Can theories be saved? Many people questioned Popper’s philosophical ideas and criticize his skepticism. Popper’s had great interest in the philosophy of science, which led him to neglect psychology in science studies; however, ironically enough, his ideas contribute greatly to the understanding of psychology and its history (Kurz, 1996; Ter Hark...
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