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Introduction According to recent studies, an estimated one-quarter of Americans suffer from a clinical mental disorder in any given year, and nearly half of these are diagnosed with two or more disorders (Kessler, Chiu, Demler, & Walters, 2005). This being a fact makes people wonder is the insanity plea a great defense? Does it actually work? Would criminally insane patients be safer in prison or in a mental asylum? For many years the insanity defense has been attracting more attention than other criminal defenses in our government system. The defense has been hard yet very useful throughout the years for lawyers. Does this defense actually work for insane people? The law itself may vary from state to state but the idea of the defense remains the same in all state. This does work. In my opinion, this defense is the best way to get the criminally insane to get to the treatment they need even if it means not being in prison. The people who commit acts of such treachery should stay in a mental facility where they might have an opportunity to get well. They should not be let out if there crimes are severe of dangerous to themselves. Dead or Alive Astringently mentally ill individuals may commit horrific malefactions. Many believe that these malefactions deserve the death penalty; however, others believe that in certain circumstances the mentally ill should be exempt from capital penalization and believe that the penalization is too extreme for those who are not cognizant of committing their malefactions. Many mentally ill individuals have been executed and some are currently on death row. All the while, this controversial issue is still being debated on. Yet the criminally insane are not subjected to death row. Courts have establish... ... middle of paper ... ...ecause; it can only confuse them and possibly hurt people in the world. (P, 1995) Conclusion After researching the insanity defense and all of its history my beliefs remain the same. One who does not know the difference between right and wrong should not be penalized for any wrong doing. This is only if it is proven by psychologist and scientist after many different tests that the person in fact cannot be held accountable for their actions, and cannot hold trial. If a person is sincere and does not have an idea of what just took place the person should be checked out and sent to get treatment; but if a person tried to get passed the law by acting as if they are mentally insane for the sake of not facing persecution that is wrong and they should get life or the death penalty. Hopefully this gives the information needed to decide if the insanity plea is fair or not.

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