Where Does Society Draw the Line Between Sanity and Insanity?

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Plagued Society

Forever has insanity plagued our lives. From the beginning, those who were not what society considered normal were labeled out of their minds. We look back at the old medicine men, and what do we see? Men, who themselves, were insane enough to think of crazy ways to heal our headaches and everything that ailed us, yet we’d hate to be one of them. None of us want to be labeled crazy, out of our minds, or insane. It is the one constant fear in humans, it’s what is hiding under our beds and in our closest, at ages so young we still have night lights. It causes us to scream, hide, and call for someone else to help. Just one person to tell us that we didn’t imagine things and we are not indeed losing our minds. But the truth is the real meaning of insanity is being lost.

If we asked most people about insanity the image of a person in a straight jacket, bouncing off padded walls would jump to mind. They might not admit it for fear of being politically incorrect, but the image is a general association with insanity. Yet, most people who suffer from insanity live every day to the fullest—in society. We lock away only those who we “believe” are clinically insane, and we lock sentence most of them without a chance at trial.

All of us would love to believe we are, in essence, sane. Yet, does anyone know the line between sanity and insanity? Insanity, when we think of the word we think of those many people, locked up for killing their children, burning down hospitals, and all those who claim to see visions or ghosts. None of us think of the fact that insanity is all around us. It’s insane the way people can leave there children, abandon them, or force them to grow up way before their time. It is insanity that fuels our soc...

... middle of paper ... insane, then you, yourself, are insane. Life sends us obstacles, the way we handle them, that should be what classifies us as sane or insane. We believe, we have the right to call the people we have yet to understand insane, but we have no rights. Insanity is a personal opinion, and no one deserves to be locked away because one person finds them crazy. But, no one deserves to get away with murdering someone in cold blood because they plea insane.

Insanity is being lost, is being incapable to decide between right and wrong. We are all insane. We are ignorant to believe we’re normal. No one is normal, and no one is perfect.

"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.

“Oh, you can't help that." said the Cat "We are all mad here. I am mad, and you are mad." –Lewis Carroll (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass)
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