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Horace Mann Essay By Zachary Lopez 1st Period Horace Mann was the most major reformist for The Education System in The United States Of America and is most known for doing that exactly. Let's take a look on the life of Horace Mann. Horace Mann, also known as "The Father Of American Education", was born in Franklin, Massachusetts in 1796. Mann's own school had only lasted in short and brief times only lasting about a eight to ten week span. This made his drive for more longer, lasting education. Horace decided to educate himself after his eight to ten week span of school. He would teach himself to read more by specifically reading volumes from The Franklin Town Library. This matter of his self-educated decision made his admission earlier to the Sophomore Class of Brown University in 1816. He went to study law and order at Litchfield Law School in 1822. After one year at Litchfield, Horace was able to join or be admitted into The Bar in Dedham, Massachusetts in 1823. In the year of 1827, Horace won a seat in the state legislature. Ten years after he was admitted into The Bar, he was a state senator for a four year term. While as a Senator, Horace looked into a bunch of social cases and issues and became hooked on it. He even supported the prohibition of alcohol, sales of lottery tickets, and the support of the creation of state mental institutions that would help the ill fated, but that isn't what exactly made him famous or well known. It wasn't until he had a drive for Massachusetts to form a state education board, the first ever. In 1837, Horace left the position for the State Senator and went on to join the newly founded Education Board in Massachusetts, where he became the Secretary Of The Board there. During his time of bei... ... middle of paper ... ... Of Representatives where he was able to get a seat. From there in 1852, he went on to become President Of The Antioch College and served as President until his death in August 27, 1859. Horace Mann was indeed "The Father Of American Education". He had so much drive and a relentless attitude in order to pave the way for us, the future, to enjoy our education free of charge and help us have the greatest equalizer in the world. Sure he might've also paved the way for the most dreaded thing in modern education, that being homework.. But I respect this individual because he did so much to help America develop into the nation it is today, and without his drive and emotion I don't things could be the same at all. And that's been my essay and look on Horace Mann. Sources:

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