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Imagine a world unaccompanied by culture, expression, individuality, or style. Visualize a world without any differences or creativity. Envision how that would look, dull, and boring, a world without Hip Hop, an evolving culture, including expression, individuality, and style all in one. As a result, the popularity of Hip Hop significantly increased, over the decades. Actually, “R&B and Hip Hop are now responsible for 25.1 % of all music consumption in the U.S” (McIntyre). This implies that Hip Hop is a dominant genre in today’s society, on the other hand, dominant in what the nation calls, life. Over the decades, Hip Hop has evolved through fashion, music, dance, and other innumerable avenues. For the most part, Hip Hop’s origins remain the…show more content…
Equally, society treated Hip Hop, as if, a fad or a trend, but in reality, Hip Hop was a new style and voice for everyone, specifically, lower- class citizens (Barnes). Therefore, the nation overlooked Hip Hop, but gradually, it became progressively favored and the people began to perceive the definition of Hip Hop. Furthermore, “Hip Hop is a way of life. It's more than just music. It's the clothing, attitude, culture, hairstyle, etc” (Davis). This illustrates how Hip Hop has transformed from a fad to culture, affecting the world in multiple aspects and has made its presence notable. Finally, citizens acknowledged Hip Hop, as a form of life, rather than, a fad or genre of music. On the other hand, Hip Hop pioneered in New York’s South Bronx in 1973 by Kool Herc, a Jamaican DJ (Blanchard). The South Bronx consists of parties, which displayed Hip Hop features. For that reason, DJ Kool Herc brought Hip Hop to the light through spinning records during a set, while, people were b-boying and creating art. Following this further, Hip Hop has strong roots in the South Bronx. In other words, Hip Hop originated from New York, where culture is mandatory, where fad and trends are normal. In conclusion, Hip Hop, originating in the South Bronx, overcame the trending phase, grew to be marvelous, and is still growing, until this…show more content…
Quickly after DJing, Emcees, Hip Hop’s master of ceremonies, literary artists, or poets, began to rap over the DJ’s beats (N. Staff). Resulting in, a dramatic shift within parties, atmospheres, events, and overall, the Hip Hop culture. Emcees, soon after, started rapping at parties, events, rap battles, and DJ battles. When people organized an event or celebration, they would typically consider DJs with their own Emcee because they would perform in between the DJ’s breaks. Ultimately, “Emceeing presented an outlet to people coping with pressures and issues in their society” (Uzeki). Emceeing along with a Emcee, provided awareness for expression and a method of venting. Emcees created a platform for citizens to convey how they felt in a musical but poetic way. Overall, Emceeing was a momentous principal, showing its relevancy in a sudden way, still continuing to occur

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