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Gospel music was birthed to this world by a man named Thomas A. Dorsey, born in
Atlanta in 1899 and moved to Chicago as a teen. If it wasn’t for the tragedies that he faced, we would not have this glorious sound of music upon us today. While on tour with Ma Rainey, he was informed that his wife, and child, had passed away during childbirth. “My wife died, and the baby died, and I had my life’s hope in the baby. I lost quite a bit of trust. I lost a lot of confidence in the Lord or somebody. It was quite a while before I could get myself together.” Dorsey stated. After much devastation, Dorsey put aside the blues and poured his musical gifts into writing many songs of faith. Being that he had taken part of religious music before, it became more
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During the late 1800s, many African-American churches in the Southern United States began to include various styles of music into their worship services, including hymns, and sacred songs. This style of music is mainly sung in church, backed up by hand-clapping and foot-stomping. The heart of gospel music tradition was the use of the choir, as seen on movies like The Blues Brothers, Sister Act 2, and First Sunday. (Booth)
Gospel music continued to change throughout the late 1900s. There are four distinct types of gospel music: quartet style, traditional gospel, contemporary gospel, and praise and worship. Quartet style is a small group of male singers who sings together with tight harmony, traditional gospel features a more basic sound suited for a singing by a choir, contemporary gospel is more focused towards solo singers, and praise and worship is a combination of of contemporary and traditional gospel in which the praise leader has a small group to help them sing and lead the congregation in song.
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Country music was one of the first genres of music modern American music. In the Southern Eastern states of the USA as a mix of folk music from the British Isles, church music and African American blues, it was developed. Country music is often played on instruments such as acoustic guitars, mandolin autoharp, fiddle, and banjo. One style of country music is Western Music. This style of sound often had horse-like clip-clop rhythms and songs about lovesick cows and gun-fighting outlaws. It became popular in the 1930s and 40s as cowboys began appearing in Hollywood, popular cowboy movies, known as “Westerns”. (History of Country Music, Country Music 1930-1960)
To add on, I often listen to Gospel more than the three genres that I have mentioned. Not only because of my belief in religion, but because it helps me through situations that I face on a day to day basis. Jazz is often played when we have small gathering at my house, a relaxing, soothing like setting, and Country music is heard when I’m simply in the mood to listen to it. No specific emotion on mood that I have to be in for me to listen to it .
In closing, all there genres of music are all good genres. Being a music lover, if you have not yet heard any song that falls into the category of any of these genres, it is highly

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