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1. Spirituals: African American spirituals are a key contribution to the creation of the initial genre of jazz. African Americans used spirituals during the earliest turmoil of slavery. These spirituals were used as songs to sing during labor and an initial way of communication for the Underground Railroad. These African American folk sounds mixed with gospel hymns were sun fused with instruments such as the harmonicas, banjos, and other instruments that could primarily be found. This initial form of the music started to separate itself from the gospel rendition. This mixture of different styles of music fused and gave birth to such things as minstrel shows, ragtime, and other forms of music. The most important that spirituals truly helped develop, was Jazz. Spirituals were the first true form of Negro expression in the form of music. Marshall W. Steams, Professor of English Literature at Hunter College states that “The spiritual was created out of nowhere by a sort of spontaneous combustion of Negro’s genius” (125). This mixture of hymns and instrumental instruction took form into one of the most versatile genres known to date, Jazz.

2. Marching Bands: Brass Bands spread through out the area of New Orleans making this the birthplace of this original sound. Many would gather just to hear the smooth melodies that these bands had to play. Many bands were composed of such talented artist that eventually went on to make their own music. These musicians went on to play their distinct instruments in such a profound way that spoke to the soul. They played melodies and added vocals to speak on certain things within this time. Hence the birth of early jazz. Marching Bands take origin from as far back as the Civil War. During this time ...

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...his high fly exciting time in history is known as one of the better times in African American History. Ragtime was cheerful and a upbeat type of music, nothing like no one ever heard before. Ragtime and the Blues are considered to be the maternities of Jazz. Blues and Ragtime were the fore competitors of Jazz in closely corresponding periods introducing the idea of syncopation. Syncopation is the dislodgment of a common recurrent intonation away from a robust beat onto a weak beat. Introducing the idea of syncopation and the bringing together of European and African American traditions. Ragtime was a balanced blend of all type of music, but jazz is what it truly inspired.

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