Essay On Freedom And Sexworkers

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This paper sheds light on the comparison between the freedom of sexworkers and freedom of sex within marriage. Development as freedom: Theoretical Framework Who are Sexworkers? And from where they come from? Sex workers are usually women who are already subsumed by other elements of social marginalisation. They are predominantly illiterate, have limited economic opportunities and lower social status. Women belonging to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes have a higher representation among sex workers (in particular devdasis and women from the Nat and Bedia tribe, communities traditionally excluded from mainstream brahminical society) while a significant proportion of women are those who have been deserted, widowed or victims of violence. Every year, hundreds of thousands of women and children are abducted, apostatized, seduced, or sold into coerced prostitution, coerced to accommodation hundreds if not thousands of men afore being discarded. These trafficked sex slaves form the backbone of one of the world's most remuneratively lucrative illicit enterprises and engender astronomically immense profits for their exploiters, for unlike narcotics, which must be grown, harvested, refined, and packaged, sex slaves require no such ‘processing,’ and can be perpetually ‘consumed’. There has been report which says that there is evidence of men breaking into the shelter home and sexually abusing the inmates. It says that several inmates have been held there illegally for months despite court orders for their release. Women who can grease the palms of the superintendent are released; others just languish in inhuman conditions. The report concludes that the Department of Women and Child Development (DWCD) “has neither the heart, will nor sk... ... middle of paper ... ...ich women are able to manipulate their personal environment through control over material and social resources. At the same time, studies conducted in patriarchal settings of India and Bangladesh have observed that other factors that traditionally conferred power to women, such as the number of sons they bore or the amount of dowry they brought, also protected women from physical violence (Jejeebhoy and Cook 1997; Rao 1997; Schuler et al 1996). While there have been studies that have looked at the links between aspects of women’s empowerment and physical violence, few have looked at their links with women’s experience of forced sex within marriage. Available studies document that while education attainment decreased a woman’s risk of experiencing forced sex, her employment seemed to increase this risk). Comparison between sexworkers and married women Conclusion

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