Genetic Engineering: Humans Should Not Play God

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Genetic engineering techniques should not be used to custom tailor children. It is morally wrong because it overrides natural selection. Humans should not have the right to play God. It is also unfair for those who are born naturally. Instead of allowing nature to decide, humans might choose what their descendants will be like. Nature alone should be the judge of one's skin color and other features. Genetic engineering should only be used for medical purposes. Otherwise, it is unfair to those who do not have access to these procedures, while genetically designed people will have an advantage over those who relied solely on nature. Thus, certain forms of genetic engineering should not be permitted. Genetic engineering is a broad term referring to the alteration of an organism's genes in order to remove unwanted characteristics of the organism or to add desirable characteristics (Levine). Genetic engineering has been applied to plants and animals for greater and more efficient food production ever since the agricultural revolution. It is also used on humans in the medical industry. Genetic engineering techniques are used to identify and treat certain diseases as well as aid doctors in creating custom made drugs for specific patients (Gorman 81). While the applications of genetic engineering on humans is currently limited, genetic engineering has the potential to eventually be able to treat virtually every disease. There are several genetic engineering techniques currently used on humans. One is in vitro fertilization, or IVF. In IVF, a female's eggs are fertilized outside of the body, after the eggs are extracted, they are placed in a fluid similar to that found inside the woman's body. Then,... ... middle of paper ... ...11 Jan. 1999: pp. 79-83 Henig, Robin Marantz, and Terry Miura. "Tempting Fates." Discover 19.5 (1998) p. 58 Jaroff, Leon. "Fixing the Genes." Time 11 Jan. 1999: pp. 68-73 Lemonick, Michael D. "Designer Babies" Time 11 Jan. 1999: pp. 64-66 Levine, Louis. "Genetic Engineering." Encarta(r) Online Deluxe 1998. Online (21 Jan. 1999) Wright, Robert "Who Gets the Good Genes?" Time 11 Jan. 1999: p. 67 1 In cryopreservation, the eggs are frozen to preserve them. In the future, they may be thawed and used in other IVF cycles. 2 The idea of modifying the genetic quality of a person. 3 This fear became worse when human genetic engineering techniques became feasible around 1990. 4 The Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee. 5 The terms "gen-rich" and "gen-poor" were coined by Princeton University's biologist, Lee Silver.

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