Essay On Coal Mining In Australia

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Science Essay- Coal mining should not be banned in Australia.

Coal mining is the biggest mining industry in Australia. If coal mining was to be banned in Australia it would create a damaging ripple effect throughout many communities. This wouldn’t just affect Australia, but there would be a global impact as Australia in 2012 exported about 5/6ths of coal that was produced in Australia. The coal that was exported earned Australia about 50 billion dollars. This industry being banned would put an enormous dent in Australia's economy and also create unemployment. Coal mining has many downfalls that affect the environments but there is technology out there to minimize environmental impacts and to make coal more reliable. The Australian government …show more content…

Cutting off coal mining completely in Australia would affect the generation of electricity and create a big problem as 75% of electricity is produced by the use of coal in Australia.

This energy can be produced all the time due to technology, this makes it more reliable and efficient than other forms of energy. Another benefit is that coal is relatively one of the cheapest forms of energy around the world, making it a big positive for the people in developing countries.

A large quantity of Australia’s population works in the mining sector and if industry were to be shut down it would put an extensive amount of people out of work which then results in people relying on the government for an income until they find work elsewhere. This knocks the economy big time.

Coal mining has strict guidelines that the industry must follow before the construction may begin. The reasoning for this is so they can reduce impacts and refine a plan to recondition and conserve the land after mining is complete. This industry works extremely hard on reserving water use and supply, they find innovative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle the water. The use of water also has strict guideline they must meet before they are able to access

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