Broken Hill Research Paper

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Broken Hill, Outback New South Wales

Broken Hill is a small, isolated mining city in western New South Wales. It is about a 12-hour drive from Newcastle and has a population of around 20,000 people. It was the first city in Australia to be included on the national heritage list because of it’s magnificent heritage significance to the country. It is home to some of the largest silver, lead and zinc mines in the world. Broken Hills landscape is what some people see as the epitome of Australian landscape. It is covered in red dirt, dry shrubs and big rocks much like many other places in outback New South Wales. Mining is integral to the formation and ongoing sustainability to the town. This is illustrated in Figure 1a and b which …show more content…

Broken Hills metals and minerals have saved lives, they gave the strength to support Australia through two world wars and endless social change. Broken Hill is also home to many species of animals including; the wedge tail eagle, the endangered coral snake and the spotted gecko. The most endangered animal that Broken Hill is home to is a species of mouse called the striped face dunnart. Researches believe the Striped Face Dunnart inhabits in Broken Hill because of its sandy soils and shrublands. Broken Hills most distinctive landscape feature is the sky, because of its range of colours and how close it seems.. Figure 2 shows an example of how colourful the sky …show more content…

As I am sure you know mining has a extremely negative impact to the land but many good things come out of it. The mines in Broken hill have generated more than 100 billion dollars and a large amount of this has been given to the Broken Hill community. Broken hill has not only given Australia multiple resources but has also given so many Australians great jobs and memories that will impact their life forever.

Broken Hill has given Australia so many great opportunities and resources allowing us to do so many things, but the locals are the people that receive the negatives. In 1895 the first person was affected by lead poisoning. Lead poisoning can give you permanent brain damage and in some cases kill you. Children under five years old are especially vulnerable to lead exposure leading to lead poisoning. Lead is a poison that acts on the nervous system and is especially dangerous to children because they are still developing. Nowadays one in five children aged five and under in Broken Hill have blood lead levels above the current national standard. Research has been done to show that lead from the mines is exposed to children through play areas and other outdoor areas. Mining hasn’t affected the landscape of Broken Hill too much since it was built in order to mine silver, lead and zinc. The main things mining in Broken hill affected were the

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