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The start to the new millennium was not very auspicious for the Cricket world, as were engulfed in a series of match fixing scandals that has left the world socked and bewildered.
The first trace of cheating in cricket was found in 1994-95, Shane Warne and Mark Waugh - two of the greatest names in the history of Australian cricket were guilty of supplying information about team selection, weather and pitch to an Indian bookmaker in 1994. They were let off easily because of lack of evidence against them.
In 2000, the Delhi Police intercepted a call between a bookie and the South African captain, Hansie Cronje, which is reckoned as the beginning of a storm that swept the very soul of international cricketThree other South African players players, Pieter Strydom, Herschelle Gibbs and Nicky Boje also came under the radar of fixing matches.
Cronje admitted to accepting a sum of $10,000 - $15,000 from a bookmaker for providing information and ‘forecasting’ results, and "not match-fixing" in an one day series in India. After the confession, he was fired as the captain of South Africa team and was banned for life from playing cricket. Herschelle Gibbs and Henry Williams got away with a meager 6 months ban. In 2002, Hansie's flight crashed into mountains and he along with the two pilots were killed instantly.
There are myriad of speculations over his death, some suggest he was murdered, some say he meet his fate. The tainted life of South Africa's greatest hero remain a mystery to all. Ironically, only Cronje name is in the charge sheet filed by the Delhi Police relating to the match-fixing case of 2000.
Sport never fully recovered from the Cronjegate when two other international captains - ...

... middle of paper ... cricket a global sport, is reason put forth by BCCI for touring these venues, which seems too good to be true.
Moreover, extremely busy schedule of national players handed out by BCCI, led to a decline in the standards of domestic cricket, as a result of which players representing India at the international level were confident about their position in the team line up. However, with their positions in the national side secured, they tend to become complacent and thus more vulnerable to fall prey to match fixing.
The report did point out major fallacies in BCCI, but there are grey spots in CBI report too. It is likely that the CBI has only to a degree exposed the dimensions of the cricket -fixing fuss, and since it has relied heavily on confessions of the guilty, how can we blindly believe what the tainted cricketer or bookies said during interrogation.

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