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..This is the post that has been made by the 'Bangladesh Cricket Board ' Lawyer Mr. Mustafizur Rahman Khan in regard of Bangladeshi bowler Taskin Ahmed 's embargo. Hopefully, after reading the entire post you can able to understand that how much facetious verdict that have been made by the so called "ICC officials". "Generally, I do not give posts about my professional work, but since this issue concerns Taskin and the Tigers, I feel constrained to share this. Since Taskin and Sunny were reported, I have been consulted by BCB regarding its response. Initially, ICC was insisting that they be tested immediately, i.e. on 9 March. I helped BCB draft correspondence pointing out that the testing could be deferred under the Regulations until after the preliminary matches. ICC concurred, and Taskin could play against Ireland and Oman. I have now gone through Taskin 's Independent Assessment Report, which BCB forwarded to me. I also revisited the ICC Regulations for the Review of Bowlers Reported with Suspected Illegal Bowling Actions, and also Taskin 's initial Match Officials ' Report which I saw earlier. The Assessment did not find anything illegal with Taskin 's stock and yorker deliveries. With respect to the 9 bouncers he was asked to bowl, they found that 3 were bowled using an illegal bowling action. Here is where it gets interesting: First, Regulation 2.2.6 provides that "(d)uring the Independent Assessment, the Player shall be required to replicate the specific bowling action for which he/she was reported." The footage of his bowling in the match where he was reported is available. It shows that during the course of the match, he did not bowl any bouncer. Not even one. So, he could not have been reported... ... middle of paper ... ...yer employed an Illegal Bowling Action during the Independent Assessment in respect of a specific type of delivery only, other than his stock delivery, the Player will be allowed to continue bowling in International Cricket but subject to the warning that should he continue to bowl any of the specific type(s) of delivery for which he has been found to have an Illegal Bowling Action, he will run the risk of being cited a second time". Since Taskin 's stock delivery has been found legal, and only 3 of his 9 bouncers illegal, he can, at best, be warned, and not suspended. In short, Taskin is the victim of a miscarriage of justice. I have advised BCB to use the above to seek a review under Regulation 2.3.1, and later escalate it in arbitration up to the Court of Arbitration for Sports in Switzerland. There is a limit to such farce. Faizlamir ekta shima acche."

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