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At least once a month, the news reports that in some country there is an act of terrorism that costs hundreds of innocent lives. Terrorism will always be a threat to international and national safety and security. There are many agencies around the world working every day to try to make the world a safer place. The transportation industry is always a major terrorist target, due to the fact that there is always a large amount of travelers on highways, seaways, railroads and airways. In the United States, the transportation industry falls under the Department of Transportation and the Department of Homeland Security. Since the terrorism threat is always high in the transportation industry, there is a need for heightened security at all times. The aviation industry security measures are stricter than any of the other sectors of the transportation industry. While walking through major commercial airports, you can see security in force; but when walking through a general aviation airport, there is a lack of security. In general aviation security, there are still many improvements that can be made to make sure that there are no gaps in security.
General aviation is an extremely important part of the aviation industry as a whole. The industry alone is worth $150 billions dollar a year (Benincasa, 2010). Some uses of general aviation aircraft search and rescue, agriculture, law enforcement as well as business and corporate travel. In the calendar year of 2010, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported that there were 299,505 active general aviation aircrafts ("Chapter II. common," 2010). General aviation aircraft can land at any type of airport as long as they have clearance; there are airports specifically for general aviation a...

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...has never been used for an act of terrorism, it does not mean that it cannot be. The TSA, FAA, DHS and other organizations do have regulations set in place for general aviation airports and aircraft security but that may not be enough. Unlike large airports there is almost no government security presence at smaller general aviation airport, which leaves a giant gap in the national security. Even when the airports, fixed bases operators, owners and pilots are as vigilant as they can be it always would help to have even a small presence of government security. Although this country is in crisis; politically and financially, it is important to remember that national security should always be a priority even if the United States needs to create a budget to cover having more government security personnel at airports all around this country no matter how big or small.
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