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In the southwestern region lies Aquitaine, France that covers about 15,949 square miles (Dordogne). In all of those miles, you can experiences varying geography from beaches to vineyards, Aquitaine has it all. This section of France has gone through many leaders, changing but always coming back stronger than ever. No matter where you travel to in the region, you will always experience the same weather. The people in this area have very active hobbies that are much different than the hobbies that we have here in North America. Most Aquitaine is covered in vineyards and small villages but the capital city is what attracts tourists. Aquitaine, France has a vast variety of geography, a deep history, a generally consistent climate, an odd leisure life, and a mixture in city mood.
The region of Aquitaine. France is bounded by many landforms and consists of vineyards or châteaux, beaches, and The Landes. Bounding Aquitaine, you can find Limousin to the northeast, the Atlantic ocean to the west, Midi-Pyréneées to the east, and Spain to the south (Dordogne, Bordeaux & the Southwest Coast). An hour drive south of Bordeaux, the sixth largest city in France, is home to several wine-producing properties, or châteaux. Château Haut-Brion, the most famous château in France, is the first vineyard that you will travel upon (Morley 238). This château is a mansion dating back to around 1533 when Jean de Pontac brought the château to the world (Château Haut-Brion). Where there are not vineyards, there are beaches. The region has a 140 mile coastline stretching from the estuary to Arcachon. At Arcachon, swimming is limited to a seasonal recreational activity due to the high surfs. Although, the resorts offer other recreation activities to enjoy on yo...

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...y cleaning of façades, building docks on the Garonne River, and creating underground trains that run on a power supply that is also underground. Because of Alain Juppé, the city is now recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage Classification (Guide to The Aquitaine Region of France).
If you tour the entire region of Aquitaine, you will find an assortment of geography, history, a uniform climate, a different leisure life, and an internationally recognized city. Here, you can find lowlands, vineyards, beaches, and forests. Through out the years,Aquitaine has seen many rulers and has been under many forms of control. No matter where you go in the region, the climate will always be a mix of Atlantic and Mediterranean. The people come to this area of France to enjoy the calm life that is offered. Bordeaux is one of the main attractions that is located in Aquitaine, France.
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