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Anthropology is a study that involves the observation of human behavior. It explores different cultures and relations. Anthropology describes how a person changes physically or how the person is affected by evolution. The evolutions of art, music, languages and architecture have had a great effect on humans. It puts into considerations various questions as how people’s behavior differ over a period of time, how people travel over the world and how people from different cultures are unique (Coleman & Simpson, 2001). Anthropology constitutes several subfields such as linguistic anthropology, cultural anthropology, archeology and physical anthropology (Coleman & Simpson, 2001). Cultural anthropologists put a lot of emphasis on the link between cultures and societies. Linguistic anthropologists study how languages are formed, and how culture and language associate with each other. As humans, it is vital not only to understand the human origin, but also to understand other people’s culture. Anthropology assists in dealing with certain questions regarding the origins of human beings. It describes why people are connected in some way, based on how they act, talk or behave. The human culture in various societies is well explained by anthropology. This paper will analyze…show more content…
Most cases of suicides are always precipitated by a clash between the family and the victim. What is always confusing is the apparent nature of the incidence that was reported to be the main cause of the suicide. Some of the reasons that the young men may have hanged themselves maybe because they found no food when they returned from school feeling very hungry or maybe had been denied some money by their parents (Shaw et al., 2005). Even though the victim’s weak self-image is acknowledged, it is rather important to note that the victims lacked self-esteem and that the importance of life over personal satisfaction was misunderstood or
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