Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Australia

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The statement “Over time, particular groups within the Australian political and legal system have been disadvantaged” is valid to a great extent. Indigenous Australians (IA) have been disadvantaged since colonial times. At Federation IA’s were disadvantaged in the Constitution and have continually been discriminated against through statute law, government policy and high court rulings. There has been an increase in black activism over the years however IA’s are still disadvantaged in modern Australia 's political and legal system.
IA were disadvantaged prior to federation. In 1816 a set of regulations were passed controlling the movement of IA’s, deeming no IA is to appear within a mile of any settlement. NSW Governor Sir Richard Bourke in 1835 established the concept of terra nullius, ‘nobody’s land’. This was further upheld in the High Court (HC) case Murrel 1836 in which the HC adopted the concept of terra nullius if empty land is not colonised. An Aboriginal Protection Board was also established to manage the IA population through removing children from
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Aboriginal Men’s Healing Centre (AMHC) is a 28 bed centre in a culturally appropriate environment to care for IA struggling with the impact of domestic violence, with former Indigenous perpetrators acting as mentors. This is one example of a step forward in breaking the disadvantage of IA .
The government spends almost $3.5 billion each year to alleviate the disadvantage of IA. However, this has created conflict within the system with people claiming to be indigenous to receive welfare. In Eatock v Bolt 2011, Bolt breached the Anti-Discrimination Act 18c, offending ‘fair skinned Aboriginals’ with highly derogatory and offensive statements. 2014 Adam Goodes was named Australian of the Year “for his leadership and advocacy in the fight against racism both on the sporting field and within society” after a 13 year old girl called him an

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