Essay On Academic Motivation

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Motivation plays a huge role in an adolescents academic achievement as well as hugely influencing the learning of the adolescent. Adolescence is a time of growth, change and preparation into adulthood. Motivation is essential to allow students to achieve their academic best through school, as this can have significant implications on future employment and career opportunities.

As adolescents go through the change from primary school, into high school, many changes occur that require more responsibility. This change in scene is complicated with a large increase in work that needs to be completed outside of school, as well as the difficulty of this work. If a student struggles to keep up with this work and starts to fall behind, this may result
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For example, at the beginning of each class tell the students what they are going to learn in that class, and ask questions at the end of the lesson to ensure they have learnt it. “Speed writing” is also a good tool, as it not only gets students to practice writing quickly for exam situations, but will also allow students to be forced to recall what they learnt in that lesson. Collecting these notes made by students will allow the teacher to see if his or her goals for the lesson were achieved and allow them to see what students need more help. Another great tool is to create lfe connections to the information that is being taught. Teaching a student about percentages because it is on the syllabus by asking questions such as what is 10% of 50, for example, is not as effective as teaching a student about percentages in a way that they can adapt it into their lives for example, Julie wants to buy a dress that was $50 but has a 10% discount, how much will she now pay for the dress. By teaching students this way, students learn that they will need this for every day life, especially adolescents who are becoming more responsible and not relying on parents as much. Other ways that teachers can try to improve student motivation could be by getting students excited in what they are learning, giving students a sense of control in their learning, create a threat-free environment, the use of positive competition between class mates, offering rewards, allowing students to work together, giving praise when earned and tracking students progress, and allowing the students to see how far they have come through out the year. All of these strategies can help improve a students motivation to succeed which in turn should have a huge impact on their academic
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