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Strength is an abstract concept with various meanings. Some meanings are more complex than others. Many people when they hear the word strength think of muscular men who can lift cars or comic book heroes that fly around their city saving people. More exists to the concept than just being muscular. Strength is also shown when one goes through something tough but stays positive and pushes through it anyways. Having strength can mean possessing the ability to accomplish hard tasks because of muscles, being firm or solidly planted in something, or withstanding your own and not giving up or giving in to the opposing force. Muscles are the most common way to show strength. While it may be a bit cliché, it is the easiest and most effective way…show more content…
The speaker is attempting to reassure the person and encourage them not to give up. Having this kind of strength is known as perseverance. Perseverance is fighting through the pain, not giving up, and not letting the struggle get the best of you. Many students show strength in this way without even realizing it. Students are under a lot of pressure to do well in school, and excel in sports or other extracurricular activities, and have a balanced social life, yet not go crazy. Several of them also face constant struggles while trying to do these things and it is hard for them, but they persevere. They stay up all night doing homework, give up pointless little things that waste their time, and do their best to stay strong. School is rough emotionally, but with the strength of perseverance and the motivation of graduation, students manage to make it through. A good friend of mine from church, Mr. Steve, recently passed away because of cancer. He was one of the best people I knew, and during his fight with cancer, he showed true strength. Mr. Steve never let it get the best of him. He was a server and could not stand the thought of not being able to help others. Even though he was slowly dying and losing strength, he still came up to the church and did his job. While his physical strength was failing, his loving attitude remained the same. Mr. Steve was a role model to me. He showed me what…show more content…
Military forces are a great example of this because they create their groups based on a firm build. They have to be well put together and have the strength to defeat the opposing side. The country that the military force fights for has strength in them. They rely on their military forces to protect them and their freedom. If the military is not sturdy enough, they will not have the strength to keep the country safe, which could possibly lead to the fall of their country. This is similar to how bridges are constructed. In order for bridges not to collapse, they must have a sturdy build. They can be built in many ways. Some are built with cables and are known as cable bridges, some just go straight across called simple-beam bridges, and others have an arch shape known as arch bridges. No matter how it was built, it must be firmly planted so it can bear the weight of vehicles or pedestrians crossing it daily. Aside from bridges and military, there’s another less common type of strength. That is having strength in something. Many people have a religion they follow and they find strength and hope in their deity. It helps them “stay strong” or become more muscular and they have to be firmly planted in their belief. Keeping a grip on one’s religion is often a difficult task, but it shows strength

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