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Many sources define faith as a belief in something not based upon proof, an intangible trust that a person holds close to their heart despite inconclusive evidence. This notion of faith depicts both ones wishes that their favorite sports team will win a match tomorrow and a hope that they will return safely from distant travels. Many also use this same term – “Faith” – to describe an individual’s given religious beliefs. This notion of religious faith infers that faith in God is something exclusively spiritual and nonconcrete – a belief only supported by inexplicable ideas as opposed to facts and evidence. Yet, as one begins to examine faith further, they come to realize that faith reaches far beyond an individual’s spiritual experience. Although many classify faith as intangible and lacking in proof, religious faith is in fact a concrete reality of life that displays the emotional, physical, and experiential aspects of the human soul. In Proverbs 3: 1-12, the author exemplifies how the emotional, physical, and experiential aspects of faith should play out regularly in everyday life. The book of Proverbs falls…show more content…
Rather, faith embeds itself into every aspect of human life. Proverb 3:1-12 explains that faith must play out in all that we do. Faith is an emotion, spiritual experience that must surround and penetrate our hearts. Faith is also a physical experience – it calls us to pray, walk, talk, and do everything else with the Lord. In addition, faith has the capability to strengthen our physical bodies when we live our faith fully. Lastly, faith is in everything we do - faith includes our careers, relationships, wealth, sadness, and happiness. As explained in Prov. 3:1-12, faith comprises the emotional, physical, and experiential aspects of life. If we follow this Proverb correctly and offer our lives to God, God will in-turn bestow upon us compassion and blessings beyond

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