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Dengue fever is a rapidly climbing arthropod conceived viral malady disturbing to turn into a global open wellbeing issue. Give or take 500,000 individuals experience the ill effects of dengue fever and dengue stun syndrome with 20,000 passing are every year. Goal of this study was to investigate the danger components connected with the improvement of dengue fever. Systems: This cross- sectional enlightening study was led on patients conceded in different healing centers of Lahore with suspected Dengue fever. Information was gathered on a survey from 109 helpfully chose patients. Outcomes: Mean period of the patients was 34±16.5 years, and lion's share (80, 73.4%) was male. Seropositivity for dengue was found in 78 (71.5%). The study did not find noteworthy factual affiliation of seropositivity with demographic variables. Be that as it may, wellspring of water supply was discovered connected with dengue seropositivity. Conclusion: Source of water is a determinant of contracting dengue fever owing to it a reproducing media for mosquitoes. All other phenomena connected with utilization of water and sanitation needs to be a piece of long haul control of dengue that will likewise help controlling different sicknesses with the same determinants. Decisive words: Dengue fever, dengue hemorrhagic fever, dengue stun syndrome, water sources, scourg.


Dengue is an irresistible malady created by dengue infections, which are transmitted to people by mosquitoes. The climbing level of dengue diseases has turned into a genuine universal concern. At the point when was dengue initially reported, and how was the sickness named? What are the indications of dengue? Is there a cure? In this area, we will investigate the explan...

... middle of paper ... the expanding seriousness of the malady, it is additionally getting to be more hazardous in nature. Numerous components have been distinguished for this example of the infection. Some of them incorporate an absence of political will to anticipate and control the illness, lack of stores to execute preventive systems, inaccessibility of channeled water supply, expand in worldwide travel, and the absence of successful strong waste administration supporting the unchecked development of the larval habitats.

6. Keeping in mind the end goal to plan and utilize viable preventive and control procedures against the infection, it is important to distinguish the danger elements of the sickness overall in the nation to have focused on methodology. This study was led to focus the danger variables connected with dengue fever in conceded patients throughout dengue pestilence.

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