Escaping Poverty: The Importance of Location

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Around the world, people are born into poverty against their own will. The location in which they are born will determine the level of difficulty in escaping their poverty. The caste system is a well-known way of life associated with Hindus, who are predominantly found in India. India is known to have the most extreme poverty conditions in the world, and the caste system makes it hard to escape such poverty. However, North Americans do not have such problems because of the opportunities that are offered, and the less obvious classifying of society. Location is an essential component when it comes to whether a person will be doomed to hardship or will eventually escape. The Portuguese word casta means race, or breed, and Hindus have traditionally interpreted this as different levels of society, known as the caste system used in India (“India caste system”). The caste placements are commonly associated with a specific occupation, for example, a priest is a member of the Brahmin caste, and a merchant is a member of the Vaishya caste (“BBC - The caste system”). A Hindu is born into the caste that their parents are ‘members’ of, and as a member of that caste, they must marry in the caste, perform the expected occupation of that caste and eventually die as a member of said caste. The lowest caste of the system are the Dalit, or ‘untouchables’ as they are more commonly known. Members of this caste are also born into it, but because of their extreme conditions of living in poverty, they were too despicable to be considered a part of the caste system. These ‘untouchables’ were usually found begging on the streets and did not have a job that fell into the categories of the caste system, therefore were severely looked down upon by all othe... ... middle of paper ... ...nd are only expected to live in poverty in the most extreme of conditions and beg for money. They are frowned upon from all other castes and are avoided at all costs, which does not give them much opportunity to escape from poverty. However, in North America, specifically Canada, society has progressed with the help of the government to help people escape or avoid living on the streets for their entire lives. The government has provided many chances for the less fortunate, and even well off people to reduce their chance of living a life of poverty. Living in India, where the caste system dictates how your lifestyle will be, differs from life in Canada because of the many opportunities that are available to the people to help escape poverty. A person’s future regarding whether they will live in poverty or be able to escape it is heavily influenced by where they live.
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