'Epic Traditions In The Movie Outlander'

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To be a good epic tradition, a story must accurately represent commonly held values of the community in which it is trying to represent. In the movie Outlander, a few examples of values that are shown are friendship, trust, family, and community. Throughout the movie we see many examples of these values, as well as how they impact characters and the storyline. But values aren’t the only things that make epic traditions, there are other aspects to it as well. Aspects such as trying to understand ourselves as humans, and trying to see how we relate to, for lack of better words, things that are out of this world. Does this movie fit the criteria? Throughout the movie you see examples of how much the society in Outlander values friendship and trust. At the beginning of the movie the people in the community don’t trust Kainan. Because of this mistrust, they refuse to take anything he says into account. But as the story progresses, and they find that the things Kainan say are true, he slowly gains the trust of the people. Trust is highly valued in this community, as is friendship. Once Kainan gains Wulfrics trust, a slow friendship begins to form. You see this especially at the end of the movie when they are fighting the beast. Even though the friendship is new and barely beginning, you can already see how much it means to both of them. …show more content…

Family and community are also held in high regards to these people. You can see that in Freya’s relationship with her father, Hrothgar. Another place this is shown is when the community bands together to fight the monster that decided to hitch a ride on Kainan’s ship. Even when the warriors who had previously attacked Hrothgar's people ran back to their village, fleeing the monster, they were let in and not killed. It shows a value of helping people in need, even when they may not deserve

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