Entomophobia Essay

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Entomology 2003 Final Project
There are over hundreds of phobias that deal with different things that consist of words, feelings, and animals. There have been close to 530 different phobias named. A phobia is when there is an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. There are seventeen named phobias just for insects, that does not include Animalia. There are plenty of things in the world that people fear, but people fear the things that they cannot describe.
There are many different types of phobias that pertain to insects or any type of insect. There are over 14 different names for insects. The first of the phobias is acarophobia. It is the fear of itching or of the insects that cause itching. The second phobia is apiphobia.
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Augmented reality is a new technology in which virtual elements are incorporated into the user’s perception of the real world.” Augmented reality has demonstrated outstanding growth and progress in recent years. This reality shares some of the important characteristics with virtual reality as applied in clinical psychology. It also holds additional features that might be crucial to treating certain problems. Augmented reality system is designed to treat entomophobia has been used to treat phobias for small animals as well. The objective of augmented reality is to confirm whether the stimuli in the augmented reality insect phobia system is capable of inducing anxiety in six participants that are diagnosed with cockroach phobia which is also called katsaridaphobia. Augmented reality has the potential to be useful in various applications. It shows that the fields of education and medicine have taken the most advantage of the new technology, developing applications using augmented reality for different purposes. “Virtual reality has demonstrated its efficacy in the treatment of phobias and other more complex anxiety disorders in a significant number of studies; augmented reality offers more advantages to clinical psychology by contributing to the improvement of psychological treatments.” “The main objective of the present work with both augmented reality and virtual reality, is to validate the stimuli included in the augmented reality system which depends on the capacity of the elements to activate the fear structure.” “The aim is to explore whether the various stimuli included in the augmented reality insect phobia system can induce anxiety in six participants diagnosed with cockroach phobia or katsaridaphobia.” “The data from this study could be used to validate the utility of the various elements included in the augmented reality insect
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