Enrico Fermi

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As man seeks further understanding and knowledge of not only the world but also the universe, one cannot forget the scientific achievements of past intellectuals. Italians have played an important part in the scientific world by putting forth their discoveries for the good of all mankind. One such Italian was Enrico Fermi, who from a young age, showed an enriched intellect that would spawn discoveries impacting both positively and negatively on the world. The early years of Enrico's life contained triumphant moments marred by a tragedy. Enrico was born in 1901 in Rome to Alberto Fermi and Ida de
Gattis. Alberto did not work the land to support his family but rather was employed by various railroad companies as well as the Italian government where he held administrative posts, "Because of mergers among Italian railroad companies, Alberto was on the payroll of several of them and held various administrative jobs that took him to various parts of Italy" . Ida was a teacher of elementary children for the majority of her life and thus had a profound influence on Enrico's academic success. Ida was raised with a sense of discipline instilled by her father who was a military officer. Her discipline provided a sound foundation of family values, "The young woman became the stronger influence in the family, she had a stern sense of duty and discipline coupled with intelligence and great devotion to the family". Enrico had two siblings, Maria his sister and Giulio his brother, both of whom were older than Enrico. Maria and Giulio are thought to have been Enrico's earliest educators teaching Enrico the fundamentals of reading and writing. "Enrico learned to read and write early, probably from his sister and brother.". Maria and Giulio were not simply two people who helped to increase Enrico's academic awareness but more importantly they provided him with friendship, "His closest friends were his sister and brother, and with the latter he built electric and mechanical toys". Enrico was especially close to Giulio who was only a year older and by all indications just as intelligent as Enrico but more artistically gifted. The strong tie between the two brothers was most likely strengthened by psychological factors relating to their gender. During the year of 1915 a...

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... assumed name Eugen Farmer as were all the other scientists as a means to keep the project a secret. After his successful involvement in the creation of the atomic bomb which helped to end WWII, Enrico and his family moved back to Chicago and the university where he continued his research and teaching. Fermi died in late November 1954 from stomach cancer. Enrico Fermi was considered one of the world's greatest scientist and as such raised Italy into the global intellectual spotlight. His accomplishments allowed man to conquer the nuclear age thus giving rise nuclear energy and nuclear medicine, both having increased the quality of man's life. For the worldly achievements that Fermi produced he was rewarded not so much by financial gains but rather immortality through historical writings and scientific theorems bearing his name. As the new millennium rapidly approaches the human race will enter a new dawn of discovery, that of exploration. This exploration, from the smallest sub-atomic particle to the unimaginable vastness of the universe will drive man to tap the limits of imagination and ingenuity which will further advance the attained knowledge of the human race.

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