Contribution of Italians to American Society

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Contribution of Italians to American Society When the Italians immigrated to the United States, they brought with them strong family ties and many different qualities. The qualities range from specialty foods to architectural concepts. These qualities made quick advances over the society in which they touched. The Italians hard work ethics and their great pride made an impression forever on the evolving US. The Italians made contributions to the American culture and society by sharing their techniques in religion, tradition, entertainment, foods, architecture, and holidays. One man made his impression on the music world soon after he arrived to America. His name was Gian-Carlo Minotti. This man was trained in the Italian Opera and he was determined to adapt his techniques to American society. He did so with flying colors and became the most successful American composer of his time. Maybe the biggest and most important contribution of the Italian was made by one Christopher Columbus. If it was not for him, we probably would not be the same today, we might not even be here. Columbus discovered this new land in 1492, by mistake. He was really looking for a shorter route to India and miscalculated his journey. So you see, if Columbus never would have found America, I probably would not even be writing this paper today. The Italians were known for their hard work, pride, and frugality. These traditions as well wedding traditions made a great impact on the ever diversifying country. The Italians did not take help or aid from anyone for any reason. They brought together different groups and dealt with their problems as a whole. These concentrations of Italians were known forever as “Little Italies.” These settlements allowed the Italians to reproduce and raise their children as true Americans. Groups like these sprouted up all over the northeast part of the country. Perhaps the greatest and most influential food culture ever introduce to America came from the Italians. Their new flavor and pasta dishes won the country over and is represented well in just about every city across the country. If it is Italian, there is a bet you can find it somewhere near.

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