Enlightenment of the 18th Century

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THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY!! Oh goodness the 18th century… There is so much to say about the 1700s such as it was a time of enlightenment! Now now do not let the word enlightenment take you for a loop and think this was a time for strictly gaining knowledge and understanding because…Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Yes, that’s right Wars! Throughout the 18th there were numerous wars such as the Seven Years War and the War of the Spanish Succession in which we will discuss farther down. This timeline will focus on mostly only WARS because like stated above the 18th century was packed with them, but will also touch on, the enlightenment of course, expansion, Slave Trade, and some lagniappe. Now let’s begin with the year 1700: 1700: June of 1700 was not a good day for Roman Catholic Priests in Massachusetts. On this day a law passed that allowed for imprisonment or expectation of any Roman Catholic Priests if they did not leave the colony within three months of time. 1700: The Age of Enlightenment: the Age of Enlightenment began in the late 17th and 18th century. When the Age of Enlightenment began actually brings up some disagreements. Many argue that it started when Descartes published Discourse on Method in 1637. Others would argue that it actually started in 1687 with Isaac Newton’s publication of Principa Mathematica. Regardless of when the Age of Enlightenment began it the point is it happened and it brought a lot of change. The Enlightenment mostly changed religious views. This age marked the change of people’s views and a shift from religion to science. People began to believe to shift views from God controlling the universe to there is a God but humans are controlling their own actions. During the Age of the Enlightenment tha... ... middle of paper ... ...hout this timeline with have discussed many WARS that happened around the world and from this wars we have discussed Great Britain’s rise to power, American Independence, Slave Trade, and Slave rebellions. We must also remember that yes this timeline’s focus is on Wars what is more important is the results of these wars which have been listed above. We must also remember that even though the 18th century was consumed with battles this was a time of enlightenment which changed the views of individuals everywhere. Through this timeline we have also spoke briefly about the China in regards of Qing Dynasty and have discussed some lagniappe such as expulsion of Roman Catholics Massachusetts. This timeline also attempted to incorporate information from all around the world so that one would get the feel of what it was like in different places during the 18th century.
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