Rousseau Enlightenment Essay

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Introduction In the mid 1700’s to the start of the 1900’s the world had major revolutions and wars. That period of time the world had changed and it hasn’t stopped evolving yet, we are still coming up with great inventions today. If it wasn’t for these revolutions our world would still be the same, If it wasn’t for the thinkers of enlightenment like Rousseau countries like America and France would still be the same,because they wouldn’t have fought for the rights. If you are a thinker of enlightenment you would understand that everyone should have the equal rights and this was a great example for the rich, poor and the slaves. enlightenment The thinkers of Enlightenment had a massive big Impact on the French revolution. The major thinkers of enlightenment like Rousseau would change the people of France’s mind and idea’s about being apart of a monarchy. They would realize that their government are breaching their human rights. The people in France would think the divine right of kings(following out the rules from God). Rousseau would disagree with this and would say; “Every person should be born with the same rights to freedom and happiness, regardless of how rich or poor they are” he would also say; “that they should be terminated” if they happened to break these rules. industrial revolution The Industrial revolution also had thinkers of Enlightenment French revolution The French revolution would have to be one the greatest revolutions the world had ever seen after the Industrial revolution this revolution began in 1789. One of the leaders. King Louis of France would bring wealth in his reign as monarch. King Louis would then be deposed and executed and this was a major swing towards the revolution and caused chang... ... middle of paper ... ...e treatment of them would also stop in South america . Overall these revolutions and wars shaped some of the greatest nations in the world America and France. I would start with France deciding that they wouldn’t take any more inequality in there country with the rich and the poor people and an enlightener would come along and state that every person should be born with equal rights. So they would terminate all the kings and nobles and become the first republic. The Americans would see what the French did and they would drop the English as their monarch through war which would include many countries. The civil war would include South America and North America. Ideaspage1.Introducingthebirthofamodernworld.
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