Emotional and Social Intelligence

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The idea that leaders need social skills is not new. Daniel Goleman first introduced us to the concept of emotional intelligence; the affect emotions have on our ability to think well. He later expanded the theory that both Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Social Intelligence (SQ) relate to the way one deals with emotions. While EQ focuses on how we handle our emotion, SQ focuses on how we handle other’s emotions. For any leader to communicate effective, it is helpful to be attuned to other thoughts and emotions. More often than not, it is expected that leaders have the capabilities to address any issues. This is reflected through President Wilson leadership style as he clearly showed evidence of not having the right skills to listen carefully and integrate the knowledge with his own. Daniel Gildeman listed the following major elements of social intelligence that every leader should ideally possess: 1. Empathy Understanding people and being sensitive to their needs 2. Attunement Listening attentively and tuning into others moods appreciating business culture and understanding social networks 3. Values Awareness Understanding people and being sensitive to their needs 4. Influence Appealing to people’s self interest and gaining the support of key stakeholders 5. Developing Others Coaching and mentoring, providing feedback to support development articulating 6. Inspiration A compelling vision and bringing out the best in people 7. Teamwork Soliciting input from all team members and encouraging cooper This week, I will be rating President Woodrow Wilson based on social intelligence traits. President Woodrow Wilson President Woodrow Wilson has been labeled as one of the five most important American presidents in the history (along s... ... middle of paper ... ...ent while making us feel calm, inspired and appreciated. Based on the checklist, one could argue he was not truly a bad leader. While his biggest fault was too arrogant and self-righteousness in his approach, he still had a set of followers who continued to execute his vision 25 years later. “Socially intelligence leadership starts with being fully present and getting in synch. Once a leader is engaged, then the full display of social intelligence can come into play, from sensing how people feel and why, to interacting smoothly enough to move people into a positive state.” Works Cited Social intelligence: the new science of human relationships. New York: Bantam Books, 2006. pg. 280The New York Review of Books, Mr Fix-It, Ronald Steel, pg. 1 "Daniel Goleman." Daniel Goleman. http://www.danielgoleman.info/topics/social-intelligence/ (accessed January 31, 2014).
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