Emmett Didn't Know the Rules

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Emmett Till had been visiting family in the late summer of 1955. He hadn't known the rules in Southern United States. That was his first mistake. Emmett Till, an innocent 14 year old colored boy, found at the bottom of the Tallahatchie River in 1955. 2 white men had been accused of the murder. His mother, Mamie Till, was not about to let someone get away with the murder of her 14 year old son. She wanted the people to see what had been done and Mamie Till wanted justice to be served. Mamie Till was fed up with the inequality and wanted to change it. She had her eyes on the prize.
Emmett Till was born on July 25, 1941; he was from Chicago, Illinois. Emmett had been an adventurous child, and hadn't know much about his father. His father, Louis Till, had died in 1945 in Italy. No one had known why Louis Till had died. When Emmett was 6 years old, he had been diagnosed with polio. Polio, short for Poliomyelitis, is a viral disease that can affect nerves and can lead to partial or full paralysis. He did recover but he ended up getting a stutter from it. Emmett had a hard time trying to overcome his stutter.
Emmett was raised by his mother and grandmother. According to Emmett’s mother, “he was a very well put kid.” He was an extremely responsible child and would often do things for his mother to show how mud he cared and appreciated her. He would often cook and clean the house because she had to work a lot in order to keep the family stable. On Emmett’s free time he would explore anything he got the chance to explore. He was an outgoing and funny kid. According to his cousins, “Emmett would pay people to tell him jokes.”
When Emmett Till’s Great Uncle came up and visited him and his family; his uncle had talked about maybe having...

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...yer present they had told the reported exactly what they had done to Emmett Till. The story had stuck everyone to shock and there was nothing the law could do because they had been found not guilty.
A couple weeks after Mamie Till had discovered her son had been murdered, Mississippi Senator James O. Eastland, in an effort to dampen sympathy for Mamie, revealed to the press that he had been executed for rape. Mamie had been heart broken from all this devastation but it hadn't stopped her to try and show the world what the white men did to her only child.
The Emmett Till trial seemed to be biased and extremely unfair. Emmett Till deserved an equal trial. Yes what Emmett had done to Carolyn Bryant was extremely rude and unneeded, but he didn’t know what it was like in the south and he was just trying to impress the guys, like any other teenage boy would try to do.

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