Emma Woodhouse and Clueless Cher by Jane Austin

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Emma Woodhouse and Clueless Cher by Jane Austin Jane Austin's "Emma Woodhouse" and "Clueless" Cher, both portray the same six qualities as main characters of their respective works. These qualities are best seen as they interact with the characters around them. The first portrayal is self-control. This is portrayed in "Clueless" when Cher finally realizes Josh is the one for her and not the other guys she has gone out with (Clueless). In "Emma," Emma feels going after Frank will complete her and she ends up being successful (Emma). The second quality that both girls possess is their opinions. In "Clueless," Cher's opinion is based on finding a man for Ty who is her best friend (Clueless). Emma's opinion is based on bringing Miss Taylor and Mr. Weston together (Emma). Emma's opinion is the reason for them joining. Characters around them bring out all the character opinions. The third quality that can be very common in many movies with young girls is important and it is the relationship with their fathers. Cher has a good relationship with her father; she lives in a motherless household so she has to care for her father twice as much. She makes sure he keeps his cholesterol down and eats right (Clueless). Emma also lives in a motherless household and shows a close relationship by discussing her personal problems with "Papa." (Emma) The next quality is Cher and Emma's focus on other people. Cher is concerned with Ms. Geist and Mr. Hall's relationship; she gets them together and they get married (Clueless). She also helps with the Pismo beach disaster victims by volunteering and donating a few of her things (Clueless). Emma is concerned with Harriet Smith's relationships (Emma). Being a very good friend she wants to find the perfect match for Harriet (Emma). The fifth of six qualities discussed in these movies is selfishness. Cher shows her selfishness when Travis accidentally spills beer on her shoes and she flips out and yells at him calling him all kind of rotten names (Clueless). Emma shows her selfishness by getting Harriet to turn down Mr. Martin so thing wouldn't be ruined for Mr. Elton (Emma). The final quality is the need for self-fulfillment. Cher feels all of the mean and nasty things she has done in her meaningless lie can be changed if she helps other so she tries to help the victims of the Pismo beach disaster (Clueless).

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