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  • Compare Emma And Clueless

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    The development of transformation requires a reconstruction of a text to a contemporary contextual environment to ensure it success to progressive audience. When contrasting Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’ and Amy Heckerling’s written and directed ‘Clueless’, its clear that the motion picture has form an re-appropriation that utilizes Austen’s thoughts while effectively presenting Heckerling ‘s annotations of modern culture. The main characters, Cher and Emma are both upper class over-indulged snob who take

  • Emma And Clueless Comparison

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    The process of transformation of Jane Austen’s nineteenth century novel Emma to Amy Heckerling’s film Clueless has been sensational yet it retained the essential contexts of the original text. This means that while the original plot of Emma has been altered the themes in Clueless remain the same. Relationships and the significance of social structure are still palpable in both texts albeit some differences due to the time periods they were set in. Heckerling’s characters may use the language and

  • Persuasive Essay On Clueless

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    Clueless is a rare film in the pantheon of teen films primarily because of its ability to satirize high-school melodrama without disparaging it. It may continually poke fun at the dimwittedness of its characters, but it never judges them. It’s a ridiculously optimistic film with incredibly low stakes, situated in a frothy, neon-pop, fantastical universe. And yet, Clueless is perhaps one of the most loved and universally relatable of all the teen movies, continually finding new life generation after

  • Amy Heckerling's Treatment Of Women In Clueless

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    Amy Heckerling- writer and director of ‘Clueless’- chose to appropriate Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’ to show the audience the themes that are relevant to the twenty-first century by presenting it in a modern format. The main themes Heckerling wanted to explore was the role of women in a patriarchal society, the importance of social class, the universal and timelessness of folly and the role of marriage. In discussing the themes stated, we can clearly see that Heckerling chose ‘Emma’ for specific reasons

  • The Connection Between Clueless and Emma

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    The Connection Between Clueless and Emma A valuable connection can be made be made between Jane Austen's 'Emma' and Amy Heckerling's 'Clueless' although fashion, customs, society and language differ between the two. The connection is made through the plot, characters and inevitable human nature. The themes of vanity, rank, status and gossip link the two medias and create a valuable linkage in relating the 19th century life with the contemporary world. Fashion is constantly changing, season

  • Similarities Between Emma And Clueless

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    Clueless, directed by Amy Heckerling is an extremely successful adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, as the 19th century novel is transformed in to a modern day film dealing with contemporary issues while maintaining parallels with the original. Clueless is a parody, as Heckerling makes fun of the modern world, as well as Cher who is the subject of dramatic irony. The film starts by displaying a stereotypical Hollywood privileged teenage lifestyle. Cher is seen choosing her outfit on a custom-built

  • Film Analysis Of Jane Austen's 'Clueless'

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    1995 Clueless Film It is known that not all films adaptations closely follow the novel that it is adapting. A lot of times film adaptations create something new and unique while still using novels to help. The 1995 film Clueless is an example of this as it used elements from Austen’s novel Emma. Clueless was released in theaters on July 19th 1005 and was directed and written by American director Amy Heckerling. In the film, Heckerling used characters and plot elements from Austen’s novel Emma while

  • A Comparison Between Film Versions of Emma and Clueless

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    Between Film Versions of Emma and Clueless The features I will look for in both films for comparison is setting, location, lighting, costumes, props, camera angles, dialogue and weather. Emma is set in the early 20th century and Clueless in the 1990's. The director changed the era to refer to the fact that girls nowadays are more mature than young women in the early 20th century. The diversity between the locations in both films is very minor. In Clueless it is set in Beverly Hills in America

  • Teenage Movies: ‘Mean Girls’ v. ‘Clueless’

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    It’s time to ditch films like Disney’s hits ‘High School Musical’ and ‘Camp Rock’ and go back in time to the old favourites ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Clueless’ which will never be outdated and boring, so get your best friends round and leave the guys at for home for a girly night in! Now you may be thinking that ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Clueless’ are a bit old and past their sell by date but they were so in when they were released and seen for the first time so I recommend you buy or rent these awesome movies and

  • Comparing 'Clueless': Similarities Between The Book And The Movie

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    1990’s when Clueless was released. Like most boys, I clearly remember seeing it for the first time because I had a huge crush on actress Alicia Silverstone who plays Cher in the film (O’Keefe, 1). At that time the film was contemporary, and it had a lot of success especially with teens. After viewing it over twenty-five years later, the 90’s seems like a different World that I can no longer relate to, but I have fond childhood memories of. I was completely unaware that the film Clueless was an adaptation

  • What Points was Amy Heckerling Trying to Make when She Transformed Emma into Clueless

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    transformed Emma into Clueless? Emma a widely recognized novel written by Jane Austen, Clueless a modern movie adaption of the novel. Both focusing on the lives of privileged and wealthy girls who have limitless boundaries. Emma Woodhouse lives in nineteenth century England, whilst her counterpart, Cher Horowitz lives in modern and upscale Beverly Hills. The literary text, Emma, is set in a time that is culturally, socially and historically different to Clueless. Clueless is set in a time where

  • Teen Pregnancy

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    adoption. She is a little concerned that the baby will not get good parents if it is adopted. She believes the baby will only need to be taken care of for one or two years then it will be able to do things with out it parents help. Kim is even more clueless than John. The fact that she thinks it only needs one or two years of being taken care of is a sign to me. She doesn’t realize that its her responsibility more that Johns. She doesn’t know that she is going to need lots of time and money for the

  • My Near Death Experience

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    death is often used lightly. It is frequently used in jokes and idle threats, and rarely taken seriously. Few individuals really grasp the concept of death and how it can distort the lives of the people it comes in contact with. I was among the clueless until I was ten years old. I was running home from soccer practice, speeding towards the cursed intersection, not but a quartermile from my house when it happened. Luckily I am here today to reflect on that moment. My near death experience has

  • How Shakespeare and Ibsen Treated their Women

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    the male characters changing their identities, Shakespeare tried to portray the women as being ignorant and not realizing what was going on. With at least two major characters changing parts to get closer to their loved ones, the women seemed to be clueless. Shakespeare portrayed these women as being easily tricked. While it seemed like all the men were trying to suit Bianca, Petruccio was taming Kate. With scenes such as when Petruccio denied Kate food, clothing, and gifts, women were further deprived

  • Ironclads Of The Civil War

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    It took over a year to get this ship finished. The captain was Franklin Buchnan and he had 300 men for a crew. Most of the men were soldiers recently assigned out of artillery regiments. And there were very few sailors in the South, so most were clueless on where to go or what to do. When everything was done and she began to move it looked like the Merrimac was capable of doing what she was meant to do. The Northerners were warned about this ironclad “monster” and were waiting for this moment a long

  • Free College Essays - Characters of The Parable

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    a man named Hernando.  Rosemary is supposed to meet Hernando for there up coming wedding but she is faced with a dilemma.  In order for her to get to her wedding she has to cross a very deep and wide river that is full of crocodiles.  Rosemary is clueless on how she is to get across  this river, so she decides to turn to people, she knows, for help.  The first person she turns to is Sven for he owns a boat.  Sven listens to Rosemary's  problem and tells her he will take her across the river if  she

  • How To Treat a Woman On Your First Date

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    How To Treat a Woman On Your First Date I hear the complaints from my girlfriends all the time; men are clueless when it comes to planning and carrying out a good first date. Not to offend any men out there (well-intentioned though you may be), but it seems that some of you have no idea what to do, where to go, how to act, or what to wear on the first date. I know this first-hand. I’ve had my share of bad dates—really bad dates. However, one date lives in infamy as the worst date I ever had

  • Comparing the Role of Women in Emma and Jane Eyre

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    Throughout history women have played important roles in society. Women have gone through much adversity to get where they are today.  Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë are some the pioneers of women's literature. Each shows their different aspects of a women's role in society in their books Emma by Austen and Jane Eyre by Brontë.  In both of these books the author shows how a woman deals with societies' norms, values, and manners. Jane Eyre is an orphaned daughter of a poor

  • networking

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    NETWORKING Abstract One problem seen with people today is that they are unaware what of a computer network is. They might have heard of a computer network, but they are clueless as to how it works or why it works. People have basic questions that need to be answered. The goal of this paper is to give basic network information that will hopefully answer those questions. To give people an understanding about computer networks

  • Theme of Transformation in Emma

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    Emma also transforms into a proper woman through correcting her original neglect. Trollope states that “[i]n every passage of the book she is in fault for some folly, some vanity, some ignorance, or indeed for some meanness” (7)19. Because of her ignorance toward attitudes of her neighbors, Emma interferes through their lives in a way that makes them unhappy, for “she had often been negligent” (Austen 359)20. Mr. Knightley predicts the outcome of Emma’s plans in the beginning of the novel when he