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Matchmaking now days consists of game shows and blind dates; but in Emma, a novel written by Jane Austen, it was composed of a lonesome and bored women who is convinced she is the reason for the marriage of her old governess and the village widow. She also believes she can find her new friend the perfect husband; but she will go to the extremes to find this ideal match for her newly found companion.
Emma Woodhouse, a rich, flirtatious, and clever twenty-one year old Highbury resident, becomes bored of her small town life and creates a scheme to find a true love for her friend—Harriet Smith. Although her father and brother-in-law Mr. Knightley frown upon her matchmaking, she proceeds to do it anyway. She creates a mess of things when Harriet is convinced by Emma to deny the proposal of the local farmer Robert Martin; and then setting Harriet and Mr. Elton up as a couple. Later after being alone in a carriage with Mr. Elton, he declares his love for Emma; she begins to have doubts about Mr. Elton ever having feelings for Harriet. Later, Emma is convinced that Frank Churchill is also in love with her and she believes the feeling is mutual. Meanwhile, Mr. Knightley is accused of being interested in the newest resident, Jane Fairfax, and Emma is convinced that he is falling in love with her, though it is clear he is nothing of the sort. Frank leaves with the Westons to London and by the time he gets back Emma knows she no longer has feelings for him. Suddenly—Emma realizes she might be in love with Mr. Knightley and that it was wrong of her to convince Harriet to decline the proposal of Robert Martin. Finally, all ends well when Emma and Mr. Knightley become married as well as Harriet and her first love Robert Martin.
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...beliefs. Austen tries to show that people change even when they don’t expect it and they can also change their outlook on life; kind of like how Harriet started off in the novel being with Robert Martin, the local farmer, then transitioned to Mr. Elton, then to Mr. Knightley, and lastly she went back to Robert Martin. Also how Emma transitioned through men as well, beginning with no man and never wanting to be married to being infatuated with Frank Churchill, to marrying Mr. George Knightley; not to mention the fact that Emma begins the novel having no awareness of her actions to realizing what she had done and fixing it.
Emma is an early nineteenth century novel written about a girl who is dedicated to finding her friend her one true love; and along the way she finds one of her own. This drama filled novel shows two girls and the many men they fall in love with.

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