Because I Could Not Stop For Death By Emily Dickinson

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In poetry, death is referred as the end of literature and it is associated with feeling of sorrows. However Emily Dickinson demonstrates that death is not the end of literature or feeling of sadness but death is a new element of inspiration in poetry and is the beginning of a new chapter in our life. In the poem ‘’Because I Could Not Stop for Death’, she discusses the encounter of a women with death, who passed away centuries ago. Dickenson uses metaphors and similes to show that the process of dying can be an enjoyable moment by appreciating the good moments in life, and by respecting death rather than fearing it. Also Dickinson portrays death in a humorous way as she compares it to man seducing her to go to her death as well, to childhood games that show the innocence of this encounter (Bloom). The poem is a reflection of how unpredictable death can be. Death is a scary process in life that should not be feared because it should be celebrate as new start.
One of the ideas that poets use in literature is the thought of immortality, something that cannot be control in real life but in fiction it can be As Emily Dickinson proves it in the stanza ‘’because I could not stop from death he kindly stop from me ‘’ (lit anthology) what she point out that even when least expected death can happen whether or not you are ready to depart from the world. In the poem the narrator is a dead woman that tell her process of dying she indicate her wish to live longer to live an eternal-life by using metaphor to show that death is just process of life that it cannot be stop from coming to you . In the second stanza Dickinson also uses simile to compare the act of death as a man seducing her ...

... middle of paper ... that it brings time of despair and feeling of sorrows .Life should be celebrated and live every day with a positive perspective in everything we set our mind to. Death is not a moment of happiness regardless of any idea of immortality ,death is consider a dark moment in our life that put on end to all dreams and new starts in life
In conclusion death should be celebrated because if life is a gift in which every day is a new day to accomplish new goals and conquer any obstacle death should be the end of a satisfy life that live pleasantly . The poem emphases that idea of taking death as a new chapter, in which we remember all the encounters we have had from childhood memories to new experience we had as we get older. In so many ways death comes as our birth starts expected in some point but unpredictable when the moment would come.
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