Emile Durkheim Theory

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Emile Durkheim was one of the earliest social theorists in France during the late 1800’s. Emile Durkin is both important and interesting for the field of sociology because of his attentiveness to moral and religious phenomena. In fact Edward A. Tiryakian (1964) suggested that Durkheim is in to be held to the same esteem as Max Weber and Sigmund Freud. “Max Weber, Sigmund Freud, and Emile Durkheim – certainly three towering figures of modern social thought – seem to have been concerned with three fundamental objects of inquiry which when examined closely enough turn out to be, interestingly to note, facets of the same phenomenon”.
Emile Durkheim was born David Emile Durkheim on April 15th 1858 in Epinal, a capital city in the eastern French providence of Lorraine. Emile was born into a family who had significant religious background. His family had a long line of multigenerational rabbis including his father, grandfather, and great grandfather. Because of this one could only assume that it was thought that Emile would become a rabbi as well.
According to Lewis A. Coser (1977...

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